About Me

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Seeking truth. Scaling Mountains. Living in an RV with a radioactive cat.  


About Sherrie

Somewhere along the line I lost passion for my work. I remember it being there. I could still put on the facade, talk a great talk, be a stellar representative of my company. But the reason that I worked 60 hour weeks a decade ago (and would have worked more) was escaping me. Maybe it was my always expanding interest in alpine climbing. Maybe the field itself has changed. Needless to say, what I was doing was no longer working for me. So, in 2018, I sold my condo in Seattle, quit my job at the company that hired me as an intern before I even graduated from university, packed my cat and my climbing gear into an RV, and headed off to seek truth. And hopefully get in some great climbs and other fun along the way.

I love being productive. I love contributing. I can't imagine that I'll be floating aimlessly along on this journey, but I do recognize the importance of giving my mind freedom to explore and identify the best possible path to my future self, my future life.

About Buster

I am a 13 year old radioactive cat! I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in early 2018 and underwent radioactive treatment to kill the tumors, which gave me a new lease on life. The vet says that I am back to my healthy self now, and I love life on the road. I'm used to small spaces because my mom has been a bit of a minimalist for a long time, always preferring <500 square foot apartments. The road is sometimes scary but provides lots of opportunities to watch new wildlife that I haven't seen before. 

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but it turns out that you can teach an old cat new tricks! In May 2018 my mom bought a leash and harness for me for the first time ever, so now I get to explore the awesome campsites I travel to outside, rather than just watching from a window. I mostly like to eat the grass in the campsite rather than go on long walks, which I then throw up later in the day, like a good cat.

I love water! I love to let it drip on my head from a faucet and run down my back.